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PGS Dinner Meeting - The oldest evidence of leaf eating insects from the Price Fm of WV - Dr. Michael Dunn

Foster's Restaurant & Catering, 680 Andersen Dr # 10, Pittsburgh, PA 15220, USA

The Lower Mississippian Price Formation of Virginia and West Virginia includes some of the oldest commercially mined coal in the U.S. to the east and becomes marine/brackish to the west.
The Alta locality of the Price Formation in southern West Virginia is a relatively recently discovered outcrop that continues to produce a diverse assemblage of Mississippian age plants. The Alta strata are loosely dated as Tournaisian to Visean due to nearby complex faulting, and may represent a series of over-bank flood deposits that preserved the plant remains as compressions in fine-grained sandstones to mudstones.
The flora consists of at least 10 plant organ taxa representing seed plants, lycopsids, and possibly ferns and progymnosperms. Foliage taxa include Charbeckia macrophylla, Genselia compacta, Chlidanophyton sp., Rhodea sp., and Protobarinophyton sp., and stem taxa include specimens previously assigned to Lepidodendropsis. Ovules and ovulate cupules include Lagenospermum, G


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